The Way to Make Crystal Potpourri

The Way to Make Crystal Potpourri

Crystal potpourri, also known as sodium crystal potpourri, is a little different from other types of potpourri, like the type that uses dried flowers, herbs or fruits. Crystal potpourri starts with big salt crystals, for both visual screen and the component that holds the odor. Crystal potpourri loses its odor over time, but it may be used over and over simply by refreshing it with oil.

Cover the work surface with wax paper.

Pour the stone crystals to a colander and rinse quickly under running water to generate the salt crystals more apparent, like glass or ice. Spread the crystals out on the wax paper to dry completely.

Put on the rubber gloves. Pour a few drops of liquid colorant onto one of the gloves and rub the fluid over one crystal until you receive the specific shade you desire. Repeat the process with each remaining cohesive. Let the crystals dry for an hour or so. Skip this step if you would rather clear crystals.

Pour an inch or so of your favorite essential oil or oil blend in a spray bottle. Mist the salt crystals using the essential oil to scent them. Allow them to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes or until dry to the touch.

Place the salt crystals to a decorative bowl and display them in a space you’d love to scent.

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