The way to Decorate a White Christmas Tree to Look Like a Snowman

The way to Decorate a White Christmas Tree to Look Like a Snowman

Add whimsy to holiday decorating using a snowman tree produced with a white artificial Christmas tree. Frosty may be brought to life very quickly with embellishments you most likely already have and at the close of the season, all the decorations can be removed and packed away until next year. Create this jolly fellow for your home, office, classroom or even a holiday party for old and young.

Trace a nickel two times onto a scrap of black paper. Cut out the traced shapes for the snowman’s eyes. Trace a dime seven days around the dark paper. Cut the shapes out for the snowman’s mouth.

Draw a 3-inch-tall triangle with a 1-inch base on a scrap of orange paper. Cut out the shape to your snowman’s nose.

Put a 12-inch white gazing ball in a mixing bowl together with the ball neck pointing down; the side of the ball facing you is the snowman’s face Dip a stencil brush in light-pink oil paint. Pounce off the majority of the paint onto a paper plate. Pounce 2 2-inch cheeks based on the snowman’s face spaced 1 inch apart. Allow the paint to dry.

Apply decoupage medium to one side of this paper carrot working with a sponge brush; this aspect is the back. Put the carrot in the face using the base of this triangle in the middle of the face along with the tip pointing to the right and tilted slightly upward. Press and smooth the carrot with your hands to adhere.

Apply decoupage medium to one side of all the black circles. Place the eye circles 1 inch apart and one inch above the nose. Arrange the remaining circles into a smile-shaped line on the facearea. Press and smooth the circles to adhere. Allow the medium to dry.

Construct a 6-foot white artificial Christmas tree. Do not attach the top division that builds up. Generally, this division is several smaller branches that resemble a miniature tree. Bend the top 12 inches of the tree down and toward the back of the tree in case this department is attached and cannot be removed.

Cut an 18-inch period of craft wire using wire cutters. Wrap the middle of the cable’s length across the neck of the gazing ball. Slide the cable to fasten. Place the snowman head in addition to the tree using the neck pointing down. Wrap the cable ends across the tree branches to secure the head to the tree.

Wrap an adult-size winter scarf across the tree below the head. Tie the ends in front and slightly to the left.

Cut three 12-inch lengths of craft cable. Thread 1 cable through the hanging eyelet of one 4-inch black ball ornament. Center the ball around the front of the snowman around 10 inches below the neck. Insert the eyelet hanger into the branches and fasten the ball with the craft cable. Thread two more 4-inch ornaments with the remaining cut cable. Space them 10 inches apart down the middle of this snowman’s body. Attach in precisely the same way as the first ball.

Insert one 30-inch actual or synthetic pine branch into the side of the snowman body around 15 inches below the neck. Allow the majority of the division to protrude outwardindications Repeat this with the other 30-inch pine branch on the other side of the snowman.

Fluff and arrange white polyester pillow stuffing around the floor beneath the tree for snow.

Put a pair of adult-size snow boots or ice skates beneath the tree at the back.

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