New Charm, old Doors

New Charm, old Doors

I’ve always found things were built previously since they had more focus on quality. In the case of doors, there are motifs and intricate mouldings that are expensive to make today but with them in a contemporary house brings a needed warmth to your room.

Sometimes all it takes is a little sanding and paint to bring old doors back to life. A look a the following ideas can inspire you to go for a trip to your local architectural salvage yard to get the creative juice going for the new year.

Backdrop. This set of old garage doors have been supposed to add dimension and a room, rather than drawing attention, a perfect solution when you have a large wall surface to pay.

Terrance Mason Interiors

Wall artwork . A set of exotic doors hung beneath the sofa compliments the wood brown and furniture couches in this warm living room.

Furman + Keil Architects

Sliding doors. Here a set of vintage barn doors supplies great contrast and create warmth into this lofty, contemporary residence.

Rick Hoge

Pantry doors. Old doors add allure to storage.

Becky Cunningham Home

Headboard. A wonderful old door functions well as an alternative focal point above the mattress.

Becky Cunningham Home

Coat hook. Hooks installed onto a vintage door adds yet another function into a bedroom.

Mirrors – $590

This versatile, vintage door-inspired mirror adds light and character to a room.


Garden gate. Instead of the box-framed fence door, consider reusing an old doorway to create a charming entry for your garden. Insert a wire mesh in which the glass will be for greater security.

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