50 Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts in Style

50 Ways to Wrap Holiday Gifts in Style

Depending on the amount of gift-wrapping stations on Houzz, it is not tough to believe that the outside of the present is at least as important to some people as what’s inside. This holiday, go the extra mile (or at least make it look as if you’ve got ) and also make your wrapping shine.

We have assembled the perfect gift trimming for every style, whether you’re a catchy and handmade kind or prefer tasteful and simple. Perhaps you need something pastoral and sweet or adore the appearance of classic holiday trappings? We have those too. For an entirely contemporary style, we urge our stripes and spots selections, or a freshened-up palette using a bit of blue.

You’ll also find the tools to have available this holiday season to make your gifts look as if you’ve got an entire room dedicated to paper and trimmings.

Happy wrapping!

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Blogger Justina Blakeney tries to stick to recycled and found items from around the house to wrap her gifts. Here are a few of her considerate inventions, including one bow made from twist ties (top right).

Olive Manna

Twist Ties – $3.50

Save ties up throughout the entire year or get a pack to make your own bow. They are also helpful for cinching a gift bag or tying tissue paper around a wine jar.

The Happy Home Blog

Follow the lead of blogger Belinda from The Happy Home and try your hands in printing your own wrapping paper.

Note: This job works great for smaller gifts, unless you’ve got a pro-size printer.

Le Papier Studio

Holiday Cheer Fabric – $8.50

In Japan, we often wrap gifts in fabric squares known as furoshiki. There are infinite ways to utilize them to get a fairly wrap demonstration, and they are reusable, so there’s much less waste.

You can use any swath of cloth you’ve got around the house to make your own.

up up creative

Ultra-Eco Wrapping Paper, Set of Six Designs – $36

Reusing paper or cloth may be the most environmentally friendly system of present wrapping, but this 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper made out of wind power is a close second. And it’s seriously beautiful to boot up.

Olive Manna

Brown Wrapping Paper – $6.75

Kraft paper is the best blank slate for all holiday wrapping. This roll out of Olive Manna is a little bit thinner than your typical kraft roll, making for crisper folds and an overall easier wrap job.

You can also utilize saved paper bags to the identical appearance. Simply cut along a seam and fold inside out for a blank brown slate.

Got an old pile of magazines lying around the house? Jessica Jones from the site How About Orange has instructions about the best way to turn a few pages into a plump bow in this way. While you’re at it, try using a week’s newspaper for the wrapping paper!

Olive Manna

Small Stained Clothespins – $9

Clip these colorful clothespins into the decoration of a gift for somewhere to slip a gift label. It ups the thoughtfulness factor and will probably be reused by the recipient.

Enlist the kids to make a pile of paper snowflakes to gussy up your own gifts. Jessica from Just About Orange also has helpful tips and instructions for many versions of the snowflake seen here.

Kids Crafts Plus

Red Round Paper Doilies – $5.95

No time to trim out a paper snowflake for every gift on your list? Use a doily instead! Put one straight beneath your knotted chain or bowor wrap it around the side of the present to provide it an artful appearance.


These two age-old designs are a significant trend in fashion at this time, and they can easily segue into holiday decorations.

Proceed the DIY route with this easy-to-follow felt garland job from The Purl Bee. Wrap it around gifts or sew it into the mantel.

purl soho

Felt Bundles out of Wollfilz – $23

This bundle of felt in holiday-themed colors would be perfect for your handmade garland. Or use different colors to create bows and other toppers for every gift on your list.


Rainbow Confetti Garland by Kristina Marie – $24

This confetti garland is all set to embellish extra-special gifts. Pick the rainbow roll shown here or opt for an individual color to suit your wrapping palette.

Daniel Smith

Lama Li Handmade Paper, Gold Polka Dots – $7.25

If it comes to Christmas decor, there’s typically a camp for playful and exuberant (think enormous lights in every color of the rainbow and handmade decorations ) and a camp for classic and tasteful (white lights, gold and green ornaments, etc). Happily, this spotted wrapping paper will work for both styles.

Sweet Lulu

Washi Tape Duo, Confetti Dots Green/Purple – $9

No need to relegate this dot-covered washi tape into the corners and folds. Use it in place of ribbon throughout the length and width of the wrapped present.

Kate’s Paperie

If the wrapping paper is this eye catching, it goes without saying the present inside is probably just as gorgeous. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I visit this covering one of my presents under the tree this Christmas.


Japanese Paper Washi Tape Mix, Red by Pretty Tape – $8.50

Place bits of decorative tape onto a huge piece of white paper and sew! Striped wrapping ready to go.

Paper Source

Multi Dots Suitcases – $8

If there’s anything better than the usual gift, it might have to be a gift inside yet another gift. These cardboard suitcases come in enough sizes to maintain a selection of items, and the spotted interior makes for a sweet surprise too.

Paper Source


Look to the Christmas tree to get inspiration and also opt for a natural, woodsy theme for your own gifts. Wrapped within this faux bois pattern, they will look like a tiny forest with the shrub at center.

Traditional Desk Accessories – $14

I like this little pine cone stamp collection is not holiday specific. Use it any time in the colder months for embellishing kraft wrapping or producing cards.


Vintage Thread Set – $30

A hint of metallic retains the rustic design from veering toward brown blah. Mix and match these glittery threads to tie up your present and add a little sparkle.


This collection of newspaper Maple leaves are supposed to be utilized as gift tags, but I’d look at using these to deck my Christmas tree too.

Deciduous leaves an evergreen shrub? It is so crazy that it just might be genius.


Or go literal with reclaimed wood gift tags. I’d use a golden pencil to make each receiver’s name really stand out.


Wool Felted Acorn Ornaments by Angel Dog Designs – $14

A felted acorn or 2 would make a charming addition for your bow.


Large Red Toadstool Christmas Ornaments by Fairyfolk – $70

Ditto these adorable toadstool mushrooms.


Letterpress Yule Log – $10

This festive yule log is so sweet that it almost doesn’t matter what’s inside (nearly ). Stuff it with a couple of snacks and step back to see the big smile on the receiver’s face.

The price is somewhat steep for wrapping, but if you’re gifting it inside the household you could possibly reuse it year after year.


Red Letterpress Buckle with Velvet Ribbon – $7


I am woefully unskilled at tying an adequate bow, so this enchanting present”buckle” could save me from committing an unkempt gift this holiday season. It includes a yard of velvet ribbon that may easily be pulled through and cut to size. No extra finger or fancy looping skills needed!

32 Degrees North

Plush Velvet Ribbon Trim in Classic Red – $0.98

A soft velvet ribbon as fairly as this is almost a gift in and of itself. Use two different colors to tie in with whatever holiday theme you’ve got going.


Entertaining with Caspari Celebration Crackers – $19.95

Place these crackers by every table setting in your holiday celebration for a simple takeaway present for kids and grownups alike. Each one includes a small gift, a golden foil coin along with a joke. How entertaining!


If your handwriting leaves something to be desired, then this present tag stamp might be a sound investment. Fancy decoration is tough, but ink that this poor boy up, press it on the label of your own choice, and you will look like a professional in no time. Now, to find someone to write in the names…


Sage & Scullery Tags – $18

A box of treats is always a welcome gift in the holidays. Spruce yours up in a snap by including this”from the kitchen of” label around your sweet creation.


Sparkly Glitter Small Snowflake Ornament – $2.95

A sparkly snowflake looped to the bow of a wrapped gift not only seems quite lovely, the recipient can add it into a selection of ornaments afterward.

Rifle Paper Co..

Happy New Year Card – $4.50

Missed the deadline for getting your holiday cards out? Elect for New Year’s greetings instead. Not only does this give you an extra week or two to compose them all, it is nondenominational, so the tiding functions for everybody on your list.


The secret to keeping gift bags out of appearing like an afterthought is to decide on a palette and stick to it. Pick up to three colours and opt for solid-hued totes with complementary strand and tissue.

Luxe Paperie


Maybe it is thanks to all those old Bing Crosby tunes playing, but there always seems to be an air of nostalgia around the holiday season. Reference that atmosphere of Christmases past on your wrappings.

We won’t all be having a white Christmas, but this retro-inspired newspaper will be a popular regardless of the temperature outside.

Rifle Paper Co..

Garland Gift Tags – $7.50

The sweet designs from Rifle Paper Co. have a timeless quality to them, and these tags using their mistletoe case are no exception.


Classic Glass Ball Set – $28

The crackled finish gives this set of ornaments the appearance of heirlooms utilized on trees for years and years.

Paper Source

Cavallini Vintage-Style Christmas Stickers – $14.95

These stickers have a classic, classic Christmas texture to them. Use a few to decorate your presents to get a spoonful of playful nostalgia.


In the event the holidays were a scent, it’d probably be the sweet odor of cinnamon-spiked gingerbread. Treat your gift recipients into the odor with these gift tags that are edible. They include a food-safe pencil so that you may compose the to and from without ruining the cookiecutter.

Luxe Paperie

This collection of 36 tags comes in six retro styles. They could even be a charming addition to the Christmas tree instead, should you so choose.

Liz Williams Interiors

A Little BLUE

Break from the green and crimson box this holiday using a palette as refreshing as a falling snowflake. Cool tones work nicely with the freezing colours out, so why not go with this?


Marine Blue Petite French Tinsel Trim from The Gilded Bee – $3.99

Skip the regular ribbon and adorn gifts with this ethereal tinsel. It will look like a delicate frost has put upon them.

Kate & Birdie Paper Co..

The easy layout of the evergreen-punctuated paper would work nicely for all your winter festivities.

Paper Source

Never before has wrapping paper made me salivate. You obtain a recipe for potato latkes and the best wrapping paper for Hannukah gifts all in one. Fun!


Blue Christmas Star Gift Tags by Art by Barri – $2.50

These twinkling star–speckled tags are as sweet as could be.
You can make something similar using a tag-shaped paper shake and any reasonably paper layout you prefer.

donna hay

Cotton Twine – Navy & White – AUD 12.95

Blue-and-white baker’s twine is convenient to have on hand for the holidays, but it is just as helpful for wrapping all types of goodies for the remainder of the year also.

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