Invigorate Your Home's Exterior With Color

Invigorate Your Home's Exterior With Color

I have a confession to make. I often spend so much time and energy ensuring the inside of my house is brilliant and trendy that I wind up neglecting the outside. As often as I help clients with their outside color choices, I should know better. A home’s exterior provides that impression, which should not include sun-faded shutters. So this year I am giving my c new paint job, and I’ve collected brilliant ideas that I’d love to share with you personally, only in case the outside of your house could use some TLC, too.

Christine Kelly / Crafted Architecture

Purple is the star in this backyard. If you love purple however are shy about using it at front of your house, a great idea would be to use it someplace in the back, such as for a porch, a sunroom or a bay window.

Suggested paint picks: Ballad, Mixed Berries and Purple Silhouette, Behr

Kenny Craft, CNU LEED AP

Yellow-green is a lighthearted colour and a fun alternative for a home’s exterior. This shade will add a whimsical touch to your neighborhood.

Suggested paint picks: Corn Husk Green and Grape Leaves, Behr

Goforth Gill Architects

A red front door has the same meaning as hospitality. When picking a colour of crimson, look for a vivid shade using a bit of orange to get big effect.

Suggested paint selection: Red Hot, Behr

Great Neighborhood Homes

If you want your house to keep a very low profile, try out a tone-on-tone look. Here, two colors of grayish taupe work together to provide this house a modest facade that does not stand out.

Suggested paint picks: Galveston Gray and Ozark Shadows, Benjamin Moore

Cummings Architects

As this stately colonial demonstrates, a house with black shutters appears timeless and elegant. Black seems particularly crisp when paired with a lighter shade such as this soft color of yellow.

Suggested paint picks: Black Satin and Hawthorne Yellow, Benjamin Moore

Echelon Custom Homes

Indigo is an unexpected shade, but this deep purplish-blue will offer your house unmistakable appeal and supply visitors with an easy way to spot where you live.

Suggested paint selection: Lupine, Sherwin-Williams

Why don’t you take clues from the shore and go for an ocean-inspired colour? Turquoise is the greatest water colour, and it’ll give your house a casual and comfortable texture all year long.

Suggested paint picks: Cool Blue and Ocean Breeze, Benjamin Moore

Happiness begins in the front door in this house. Orange is a festive, fun-filled colour — one that is guaranteed to put a grin on your face every day.

Suggested paint selection: Blaze Orange, Behr

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