Pool-Friendly Patio Materials

Pool-Friendly Patio Materials

Today’s advancements in pool patio substances have eliminated the plain concrete patios so many of us grew up with. Nowa pool terrace can radically enhance your home’s landscape design. The choices are endless, but I have covered a number of my favorites here. Each has pros and cons, so talk to your contractor or pool designer ahead so that you know what works best on your backyard.


Natural Stone

While organic stone is a really luxurious choice for patios, you can cut costs by choosing stone from a local quarry. The native Oklahoma flagstone this was cut to match the travertine in the house. This can be labor intensive and adds to the total cost, but the end result is magnificent.

Stone could be set up different ways, depending on the soil conditions. If the present soil is clay based, it would be sensible to lay stone on a 4-inch concrete slab with steel reenforcement for a solid foundation.

Stone colour can vary dramatically, since it is a natural product. Samples can give you a good notion of what it will be like, but know that there will be colour variations.

Shirley Bovshow

Flagstone patios can be set up with ground cover planted in between, as shown in this picture. This type of program replaces the natural surroundings — but be sure to have the terrace slant softly away from the pool to prevent runoff to the water.

Lang Pools Inc..

Some gems could be set up on a base of compacted stone dust, as seen here.

Price: $18 to 22 square foot typical set up, based on availability of the rock


Extended lastingIndividual stones can be substituted if cracked
has to be sealed each seasonMaintenance on sidewalk is essential if there are extreme seasonal fever changesIf the pool is a salt-water system, water splashing onto the terrace can cause the stone to deteriorate and crumble. Sealants implemented on a regular basis can help.

Phillips Collection

Stamped Concrete

Customizable in various patterns, stamped concrete can be a fantastic choice for patios. Be careful when picking your routine — slippage might be a concern across the swimming pool area if it’s a smooth pattern. Stamped concrete also needs to be installed at once, as it is hard to match the present stain in a later addition.

Price: $8 to $18 and up per square foot

Many custom options such as routine and stain colorEasy and fast installationCons:
Smooth surfaces can be slippery round the pool, depending on the stain and sealerHard to suit in a later date, making additions to the terrace difficultConcrete will crack, and fixes are noticeable

Sam’s Outdoor Living

This terrace is constructed from concrete stamped with a slate skin routine as a less expensive choice to natural stone.

Travertine Mart


Travertine is a high-end custom choice for pool patios. This pool has ivory French-patterned travertine paving. Even though some variation in colour is to be anticipated, travertine overall is very consistent throughout.

Price: $8 to $11 per square foot

Stays cool underfootMatching bullnose coping gives a unified and groomed finishWide Range of colour optionsNonskid surfaceColor will not fadeWithstands freezing temperaturesWill not crack due to freezing earth or thawingCons:
This really is a very soft stone and can chipLabor-intensive installation

Lang Pools Inc..

Keystone Kool Deck

Keystone Kool Deck comes in a slightly lower cost than other terrace substances. It’s installed over existing concrete. It comes in various colours, which range from Aqua to Aztec Gold to Mauve, and the costs doesn’t vary by color.

Price: $10 to $12 per square foot set up; $3 to $4 per square foot for materials just

Keeps patio cooler for bare feetCan be designed to look like flagstone, brick or tile Cons:
Higher costCan be ruined if pressure washed under high pressure

Metamorphysis Home Staging Services


Pavers continue to be a popular choice for homeowners. This pool patio is made with Belgard Mega Bergerac Squares and the Belgard Dublin Cobble.

Price: $3.50 to $5.50 per square foot (materials only)

Permanent and affordableEasy to fix — if a paver is ruined, you can pull it out and replace itCon: Feels rougher on feet and palms

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group


The bricks envisioned here are full-dimensioned bricks put on a concrete base for permanent stability.

Price: $7 to $9 per square foot mounted

Person bricks can be substituted if they become cracked or damagedLong lasting and durableCons:
Has to Be resealed after power washing and other maintenanceCan feel hot on toes

Willman Interiors / Gina Willman, ASID


Grass leading up to the pool area seems amazing, but bits can fall in the pool (especially if kids are around), creating more upkeep.

Price: Varies depending on type of grass — generally about 20 to 30 cents per square foot for sod just

InexpensiveEasy to installComfortable and organic appearing — instant landscapingCons:
Grass clippings can fall in the swimming pool easily, producing more pool maintenanceCan quickly turn into a muddy pit if people are getting in and out of the pool a lot

Elad Gonen


Wood decking is another choice to consider, especially on a beachfront pool. Sand can sift through the wood, which assists with maintenance. If you choose to use wood, seasonal and sealing upkeep are musts for protection and durability against the elements.

Price: Varies depending on type of wood and availability. A few common choices:Ipe is growing more popular because it’s responsibly cultivated in forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and is an ecofriendly choice. Ipe costs $5 to $12 per linear foot. Cedar is widely available from coast to coast. It costs $2 to $6 per linear foot. Cypress, that can be decay resistant and strong, is used mainly in the Southeastern part of the United States. It costs $1.50 and up per linear foot. Experts: Warm, natural attractiveness

Cons: Can split or rust; routine sealant application is necessary

Neptune Swimming Pools

Composite Wood

Composite hardwood decking gives the appearance and feel of wood without the maintenance. This timber alternative combines plastic and wood fibers for a durable but warm cloth.

Price: $7 to $10 per square foot (materials only)

Weather resistantStain resistantWon’t splinter or rust Cons:Some manufacturers can be slipperyUsually not resistant to mould or mildew, especially when installed at the shadeTends to sag and bend more than wood doesEventually reveals signs of age and decay

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