Guest Picks: The Artfully Styled Kitchen

Guest Picks: The Artfully Styled Kitchen

The kitchen has long been an afterthought when it comes to accessorizing and decorating — a dumping ground for mixed jumble, disposable trinkets and little colour. Having grown up in a kitchen that’s quite the contrary, it is truly eye opening adding a couple of simple treasured items, this once utilitarian room transforms into the most vibrant room of the house.

Scour your bookshelves and cabinets for decorative things to move in the kitchen and freshen up your appearance. Bring in vibrant artwork and sentimental antiques to add character and warmth. Utilize real furniture to bridge the difference between function and both aesthetic and physical relaxation. Then watch your family hover as you’re preparing dinner and linger at the dinner table long after the last bite has gone. — Kelly Serra in The Kitchen Designer


Stig Lindberg Bersa Great Way to Enjoy Tea by ReStyle – $19

If you’re a lover of Mid-Century Modern or Scandinavian influences, then just try to resist this adorably simple poster motivated by Stig Lindberg’s BERSA teapot. I’m a massive fan of the colour palette also and love the dramatic visuals of this print. This is one I wouldn’t see myself tiring of in a couple of months.

Kelly Donovan

Kaska Big Pistachio and Grey Bowl by Leili Design – $200

This gorgeous stoneware bowl out of Leili Design is a bit you’ll need for a lifetime, and will take you from fruit onto your counter tops to salad onto your dinner table and everything in between. Rather than keeping special pieces out of harm’s way, up on a shelf and collecting dust, weave them in your daily routine for you and your family to enjoy often. Food prep and food consumption are visceral activities shared with nearest and dearest and should be fully experienced with serving vehicles worthy of the grandest occasions.

Find similar, more affordable pieces at thrift shops, garage sales and flea markets, or raid your mother’s cabinets. Every family has at least a few of those treasures knocking around (and generally collecting dust!) .

Kelly Donovan

Vintage Decorative Blue Bottle – $25

These classic blue bottles look fabulous grouped together in the corner of a counter or on open shelving in a kitchen. The translucency and vibrant color are all beautiful, making a dramatic presentation to get some wisps of beach grass or a lone bloom. Conversely, serve drinking water inside them, spread out along your table.

Kelly Donovan

Ribbed Stoneware Bowl, Arne Bang, Denmark – $225

Elevate the homely onion by keeping them in a gorgeous bowl onto your countertop and showcase your prized create in boats worthy of round-the-clock screen. Having grown up in a kitchen cluttered with classic Danish pottery carrying everything from matchbooks to garlic, I’m a massive proponent of using special items for seemingly mundane activities and pleasing the eye at every turn. Although this one’s a splurge, find something comparable at any thrift shop, garage sale or classic shop.

Kelly Donovan

Kubus Candleholder – $285

Stunning in its simplicity, this 50 year-old Danish-designed candle holder oozes drama without contending with your other accessories or set settings. Also available in black, I like the white because of its scenic quality.

Kelly Donovan

Shanna Murray Seed Garland Chalkboard – $30

If you’ve been hiding under a rock, chalkboards and decals are all the rage as of late. Artist Shanna Murray had the genius idea of blending both of these tendencies into one useful and one of a kind item. Though great in any room of the house to leave poems to your sweetie or a honey-do list, I’m a massive fan of the in the kitchen to house your favorite recipe or shopping list.

Kelly Donovan

Primitive Tobacco Basket – $150

Bring in classic baskets for added textural interest. This is a superb alternative if state style isn’t your thing, however you still wish to utilize authentic wood components in some manner. Something this big may be hung high, or propped on the ground against the wall to get that casual layered appearance.

Marjorie Skouras Design

Marjorie Skouras Turquoise Chandelier

I’ve long been in love with this chandelier to be used in a kitchen, either over a island or a table. It provides a warmer, more elegant appearance than some of the conventional kitchen pendant lights, and a healthy splash of colour. Do not be afraid of incorporating a few brighter hues to lift your kitchen out of the ho-hum property of chrome and white.

Kelly Donovan

Morrow Settee – $1,850

Growing up, my family spent hours around the kitchen table enjoying convivial meals and lively conversation, long after the food prep and meal had ended. The secret? A sofa alongside one side of this dining table in the oversize kitchen. Not only does this provide ultimate comfort and convenience, but more importantly, it enables one to feel like they’re in a real”living” area rather than a kitchen that is functional. Note that in the event you opt for a standard height sofa or settee, the thighs may need to be set on risers or a platform so as to bring this up to dining elevation.

This model from Jonathan Adler strikes the ideal balance of nominal plushness and majority without forfeiting comfortable eating and style.

Kelly Donovan

Bornholm Kitchen Armoire

Who says a kitchen needs to be comprised floor to ceiling of typical cabinets? Rather, add some heat and personality by bringing in a furniture piece to store your dishware or pantry items. You will be surprised by how inviting this simple change can be, making the kitchen an area where you’ll want to spend some real quality time. The bits from the Bornholm lineup are inspired but made right here in the US, and are eco friendly.

Farmhouse Wares

Vintage Milk Bottles and Carrier – $26.95

Sure, this could be adorably charming used because of its intention of serving milk or cream, but appeal to the unexpected and fill every carafe with fresh blossoms or, even better, herbs from your garden (do not forget the water!) . Keep it on your counter or dining table and respect your fresh foliage for an enjoyable take on the old standby vase. Alternatively, scour garage sales and flea markets for vintage bottles to use as bud vases along a windowsill.

Kelly Donovan

Little Brown Pen Paris Markets Fine Art Photo Collection – $145

Nicole and Evan Robertson began chronicling the more intimate details of Paris upon their Transatlantic movement in 2009. They have culled together perfectly curated collections of artful photographs by colour scheme, which are available to buy in series of four or even nine. This choice is the Market collection, as I never tire of salivating over a French baguette and creamy cheese. As long as you have the wall space in your kitchen to adapt gallery spacing, any one of those series would look fabulous and complementary to nearly any style decor.

Kelly Donovan

Le Jacquard Français “Rajasthan” Table Linen – $94

These linens produced by the classic French firm, Jacquard Francais, come in the most luscious colors and patterns. This specific pattern pays homage to a Indian design, though other models source their inspiration from Asian arts and other cultures, such as French. Their lively, interwoven design retains the eye guessing and ensures they match a variety of styles and colour schemes in your house. I find each time I glance at ours I pick up a new design nuance, rather than fail to be thrilled by the richly pigmented shades. They also wash up beautifully and a few years later still look like new, justifying the higher price point.

Kelly Donovan

Hemmnes Painting by Michelle Armas – $200

I’ve long been an admirer of Michelle Armas’ work, and ardently believe in hanging art in your kitchen. For an original piece, all these are priced fairly well and this is merely 1 option of her many different colour palettes. Do not see one that suits your decor? She will work by commission and design a customized painting to your liking and colour scheme. Hang it in a clean, dry area of the kitchen to avoid dirt and water splashes.

Kelly Donovan

Stelton Vacuum Jug in Saffron – $80

This true Danish coffee carafe is an iconic style and looks dramatic just sitting on the counter waiting to be filled — lovely and functional, what the Danes do best. Once you’ve reconciled yourself with the (confessed ) splurge, your main problem will be picking a colour out of their myriad choices. To complement your decor or add a little bit of unexpected whimsy?

Kelly Donovan

Pearl Window Film – GBP 50

Does your kitchen window’s perspective belie the otherwise perfectly-styled atmosphere that you’ve worked so hard to create? Control the uncontrollable and put an end to looking at your neighbor’s trash cans or pesky brick wall with these tasteful window movies out of Brit Emma Jeffs. I really like the soft glow these emit once the sunlight shines through, and the cohesive appearance they make for the remainder of the room.

Kelly Donovan

Art Deco and Art Nouveau Relief Tiles – $14

These gorgeous relief tiles can be mounted to get a conventional artistic backsplash or, more easily, hung separately to get an interesting collection of textural artwork. Grab a few in many different colors and designs, mount a hook on the back, and make your own masterpiece onto a blank swath of wall into your kitchen. They’re a great selection for about a cooker as they can easily be wiped clean from dirt and dirt.

Kelly Donovan

Moderate Rag Rug – $155

We are huge fans of Scandinavian rag rugs over at The Kitchen Designer. Each of our homes feature at least 2 or three of these casually draped along the kitchen floor, through halls and adorning an entryway. They strike the perfect balance of casual classic elegance without being stuffy. Add one to your kitchen for immediate warmth and also a pulled-together ambiance.

Kelly Donovan

The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools Printing – $25

How good is this publish? Not to mention useful. I, for one, am tired of referring to my many miscellaneous kitchen gear as”that whatchamacallit.” Guaranteed to stop guests in their paths and spur some lighthearted debate over must-have gadgets. The easy brown, white and black color and sharp lines would match many different kitchen styles.

Mecox Gardens

Mecox Gardens – Antique Chinese Porcelain Jugs Detail – $125

This classic Chinese ceramic jug would look beautiful perched beneath a counter or table. Fill with fresh flowers or water for serving, or simply let it stand alone and respect it as a decorative item.

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