Cockadoodledoo! Roosters from the Kitchen

Cockadoodledoo! Roosters from the Kitchen

A rooster from the kitchen is thought to bring decent luck, but no one seems to know why or where that folklore originated. Perhaps it is about fertility, virility, or only about the rooster waking you up at the crack of dawn and the early bird catching the worm. Who cares? They are cute, and I will never pass up a opportunity to catch a little extra good luck.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

I really like this kitchen and its accessories. You can tell that not only does someone cook here, but also that others gather and retain the chef business. Saying that cutie rooster up on the vent hood is assisting inform this particular story; he retains this kitchen out of taking itself too seriously.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

This chamber is a little country without being”kountry.” Mr. Rooster’s crown picks up on the red stools, and details like butcherblock and bin pull hardware include country style without going overboard.

Designs by Gollum

I’m not sure what this styling narrative is attempting to inform; is the proud rooster seeking to safeguard his girlfriend’s eggs?

Design Studio -Teri Koss

The larger the rooster, the larger your luck? I’m going to say no, however I believe he makes a very handsome celebrity.

If you want to produce your good-luck allure a permanent fixture, then you might choose to integrate him in to your backsplash. Additionally, you do not need to possess a sculptural rooster, a rooster on a teatowel, on a painting, or even onto a plate can bring the luck!

Rivertown Homes by Design

Wow, if this laundry area has this lots of roosters, I wonder what’s going on in the kitchen?

This proud rooster overlooks the entire open floor plan of the modern Nantucket home.

Frank Shirley Architects

A rooster weathervane is deemed folk art. You can also call it a”whirlygig” in case you want to, and we must all use the term”whirlygig” if life hands us this opportunity. It’s a rare one.

When I think of a cabin kitchen, this is just what I have in mind: a tight but usable room, open plate racks and shelves, colour, beadboard and a friendly blessed rooster.

House + House Architects

If your style is more Michael Graves than Michael Landon, do not worry. A modern teapot can bring you good luck and higher style at once, if you pick this up in Alessi or Target.

What types of good luck charms can you use around your property? I will get us started off in the remarks section with the two roosters from my own kitchen.

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