Egg-Inspired Designs Hatch in the House

Egg-Inspired Designs Hatch in the House

We may think of Easter since the sole time to bring out the eggs. However, it’s possible you have had eggs on display yearlong without entirely realizing it. Take a look around. Do you have a Jacobsen Egg Chair in your living space? Or perhaps egg sculptures dotting your bookshelves? Many classic and contemporary furnishings and accessories take on the soft, contoured nuances of eggs.

Have a look at these egglike designs that can offer comforting softness to your indoors annually.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

You may have outgrown the swings at the playground, but not the Egg Swing Chair. These comfortable chairs are perfect for a glass of wine on an outdoor patio or as a playful part in your kid’s bedroom.

Peter Tow

The Egg Chair is a modern icon. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the lobby of the Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, its sculptural lines produce a different personality and a decorative appropriate for any decor. It is offered in a variety of colours, but the variant is egglike.


Today’s bathroom sinks come in all kinds of styles, but if you would like a design that is both contemporary and persuasive, consider one with an egglike shape. This Duravit sink is a smart complement to the vanity.

If you are thinking about a freestanding bathtub for your bathroom, an egg-shaped layout will offer a sleek appeal that is perfect for a modern aesthetic.

La Scala

Egg-shaped furnishings offer a rounded complement into the straighter lines of typical furniture. Inside this movie space, the stools offer an place.

Need an extra lighting for a corner or a tabletop? Get funky with egg-shape lighting.

Accessories are the most easy way to present egg decor to your home. This vibrant piece softly rounds outside the hard-lined dining table.

Brian Watford Interiors

The sculptural accessories in this picture provide not only a round existence to this side table’s vignette, but also height, because they’re on Lucite sticks.


The Corbett Lighting Phillippe fixture supplies maximum light with three pendants that appear distinctly like eggs that are oversize.

Heather Garrett Design

Egg-shape bits are only as attractive when cracked in half; plus, they’re functional. This papier-mâché accessory provides the leaning mirror a layered feel and can also help to corral small items.

Paul Anater

Work a variety of egg statues in various finishes or colors in your bookshelves. Their rounded shapes juxtapose the square books.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Egg art can add the perfect lighthearted touch for your area, as in this enchanting bathroom.

Want to bring a sense of humor to your area? This egg painting could do just the trick. I don’t blame this egg to being grumpy or enjoying a martini, considering his probable fate is to be eaten or boiled.

The Collins Group/JDP Design

By means of sculptural rock formations, egg-shape designs have found their way outside.

pEi Pod™ – $129.99

Warning: cuteness amounts are just about to go through the roof. If you’re searching for an adorable harbor for the smaller pets at the spirit of egg layout, check out this pod from pEi Pod. Animals like to participate in playful home decor also, you know!

Modern Icons: The Egg Chair

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