11 Vignettes to Inspire a Clutter-Free Nightstand

11 Vignettes to Inspire a Clutter-Free Nightstand

We all know how easy it is to crawl into bed at the end of a very long day and in our exhaustion, ditch everything out of eye glasses to the paper to our children’ toys on the bedside table. Avoid this clutter and the aggravation that accompanies it by studying this space as an opportunity for design. There is not any demand for anything grandiose; you can use things you’ve. I promise you; if you fashion a loved vignette atop your bedside table, you’ll have immediate motivation to put your Soduku book in the drawer prior to messing up your masterpiece. Have a look at these photos for a few tips for creating a nice design on your bedside table with space for your book, also.

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We’ve all heard it: sometimes less is more. The same goes for vignettes. Just like everyday stuff can clutter a surface, so can too many well-intentioned knickknacks. And you do need to leave space to get a book or glass of water.

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When working with more items, start looking for a mix of heights. You may already have a lamp on your bedside table, which can kick off things with a dominant elevation. From there, start looking for short objects as well as a few in the mid-range, such as the flowers you see in this picture. Elevate short objects with a small book. Have fun and play along with your vignette until you get it right.

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Can you read a book each night before bed? Let it become a stylish accessory to your vignette, also.

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Step back and see the big picture of your nightstand: it is possible it will be best done by a framed piece of art behind it. Notice the 3 tiers of elevation here: the framed art is the tallest, then the lamp, then the heap of objects and books.

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To get a more casual and versatile arrangement, leaning the artwork piece against the wall.

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If you feel as though your bedroom’s lighting might be stronger, look at integrating a mirror in your vignette. When put behind the lamp, the mirror will help the light reflect through your space.

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Trays keep everything contained. This specific tray gives the entire look a new personality with its cheery yellow.

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Fresh blossoms is an easy way to complete a vignette, and you can not beat the aroma and colour.

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When your bedside table is a suitcase atop a stool, you currently have the beginnings to get a chic vignette. A tray, flowers, lamp and art are the ideal bits.

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Should you require a place for little things such as a watch or earrings, then you might choose to incorporate bowls into your vignette.


In case you have an open bedside table such as this that doesn’t allow you to hide away things in drawers, then sneak a basket on one of the shelves. With a beautiful vignette on the outside and baskets to keep books and what else corralled, you are bedside table will appear calm and collected.

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