10 Creative Ways to Corral Wooden Barrels

10 Creative Ways to Corral Wooden Barrels

When you think of wooden barrels at house decor, you probably think of a high-top dining table in a room that is at a country of full-on Western overkill, where Yosemite Sam can come barreling through the shuttered saloon doors at any moment. However, with the prevalence of wine rooms bursting, these weathered vessels have not seemed so chic. Designers are commandeering rustic barrels to get new uses and mixing them with refined styles. Here is how you can, too.

The Cousins

1. Keep the remainder of the decoration commanded. The light color palette and uncluttered feeling of this bar area let the attractiveness of the weathered timber used for the barrels and pub stick out.

LLC, Builders

2. Use them at a personal getaway. The vintage look of barrels functions as a suitable rustic touch at a room like this owner-described person cave. The lovely finish and neat craftsmanship maintain them looking smart.

Carson Douglas Landscape Architecture

3. Group them together for outside storage. A structure of stacked wine barrels provides attractive log storage in California Wine Country.

Esther Hershcovich

4. Blend a barrel with high-end substances. In this diverse house, a bit of Carrara marble changed a barrel into a little kitchen island and additional instant refinement to the rusticated piece.

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Esther Hershcovich

5. Or move more rustic. This relaxed porch’s rough-hewn design was calling out for a coffee table fashioned from a barrel.

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CapeRace Cultural Adventures

6. Use a little barrel as a bedside table. Years ago this classic barrel has been used to send dried fish. Now it’s well suited for this cabin in Newfoundland.

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Anthony Albert Studios

7. Use a wine cone at a tasting room. Oenophiles are devoting spaces not just to preserving wine, but in addition to tasting it. Repurposed wine barrels give an old-world texture to these tasting rooms.

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Scot Eckley, Inc..

8. Use a wooden one to harvest rainwater. Firms like Aaron’s Rain Barrels repurpose old whiskey barrels into rain barrels. While I am all for reusing rainwater no matter what, these are a good deal more attractive than their plastic cousins.

Scheer & Co..

9. Repurpose a barrel into a pet sanctuary. This ingenious planter also has a nook for a furry buddy, complete with comfy cushion.

Westfall Design Studio

10. Use them to pick up on other reclaimed timber in a style. Upside-down barrels accentuate the reclaimed timber structure of this lovely arbor space in Northern California.

Wine barrels have also been popular as an upcycled substance in chandeliers, wine racks, chairs, sink pedestals and more. Read more wine barrel furniture

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