The way to Install a Drain Assembly at a Porcelain Sink

The way to Install a Drain Assembly at a Porcelain Sink

The pop-up assembly ties the sink to the P-trap drain pipes. The assembly consists of the flange and stopper (also referred to as the pop-up), which are the parts you see in the sink; the drain tube, that’s the most important body under the sink; along with also the ball-and-rod assembly, which moves the stopper down and up. Wash the hole in the sink prior to installing a new drain assembly, including removing aged, dried contractor’s putty or calcium deposits.

Unscrew the flange in the drain piece, then remove the stopper.

Screw the nut on the drain piece all the way down, then put in the piece up through the hole in the sink.

Roll up some plumber’s putty on your hand, which makes it into a rope, then put it around the bottom of the flange. Expand the flange on the threads of the drain piece until it bottoms out.

Push the flange down onto the hole in the sink. Rotate the drain piece so the pop-up socket points toward the back of the sink, then tighten the mounting nut before the rubber compression drier squeezes tight to the bottom of the sink. Hold the drain piece with one pair of adjustable pliers as you tighten the nut with another pair. Don’t overtighten.

Install the stopper through the flange hole using the horizontal flange of this stopper pointing toward the back of the sink.

Eliminate the mounting nut in the back of the ball socket “T”. Install the rod seal and then ball-and-rod into the “T,” ensuring that the end of the rod goes through the hole in the base of the stopper flange. Re-install the ball mounting nut and tighten.

Raise the back of the rod to its greatest position. Install one end of this ball-rod clip on the rod, then put in the bottom lift-strap onto the rod by inserting the rod through the holes. Use the lowest potential hole, while preventing the top of the strap in touching the base of the sink. Install the other end of the clip over the end of the rod, capturing the lift-strap between the legs of this clip.

Lower the ball-rod to its lower position. Install the top lift-rod through the hole in the top of the tap and into the hole on top of the decrease lift-strap. Tighten the decrease lift-strap screw having an adjustable wrench.

Install the P-trap slip nut on the tail of this drain piece, thread-side down, then install the nylon slip nut washer with the narrow end down.

Install the P-trap on the base of the drain piece, then push the slip nut and washer down and thread it on the P-trap. Tighten the slip nut.

Turn on the faucet and check for leaks. Move the lift-rod down and up and confirm the stopper also moves up and down. It needs to seal water from your sink when in the down position.

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