The best way to Increase the Tank Existence of a Water Heater

The best way to Increase the Tank Existence of a Water Heater

Draining out sediment is a great start toward maintaining a hotwater heater well and alive. But hidden in the heater is still another often ignored crucial to tank existence that is growing. This magnesium or aluminum rod is the first line of protection against a corrosive response that may destroy a water tank that is hot. At least once a year, you need to check the condition of the rod to find out whether it is time to get a replacement.

Turn off the electrical power or fuel capacity to the hot-water heater.

Attach a hose to the hot-water tank drain valve. Run the other end of the hose into a drain or outside area that is secure. Open the valve and allow the water run for 3 minutes minutes or till it is free and clear .

Turn off the cold-water supply. Open a hot water faucet in bath-tub or a sink in the home. Allow the tank then near the drain valve. Disconnect the hose.

Look using a hex-head at the very best of the warm water tank to get a big steel plug. Attached to the plug, in the tank, is the rod. Clean away particles or any rust using a rag or wire brush in the plug threads. Select matches the hex-head and loosen the plug using a wrench. Lift the plug and connected anode rod from the hole in the tank. Raise it up as far as feasible for evaluation when there’s insufficient clearance to totally eliminate the rod.

Examine the rod for indications that it is born for substitute, including a big amount of steel that is lacking, or if 6″ or mo-Re of core wire appears a-T either end-of the rod. If alternative is needed a magnesium anode rod.

Wrap the threads of the rod that is anode plug with three turns of plumber’s sealing tape. Lower the rod to the tank. Thread the plug and tighten it using a socket wrench.

Turn to the tank on the coldwater supply. Allow any air-to vent in the open heated water faucet in bath-room or the kitchen, then near the faucet. Check drain valve and the rod for leaks. Turn on the fuel and mild the heated water heater or start the strength that is electrical power.

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