Plants for Bumble Bees

Plants for Bumble Bees

You’ll find about 40 species of bumblebees in in the USA and your backyard is each benefited by them. Bumblebees buzz to plant nectar that is gathering, by helping to pollinate your flowers plus they gain your backyard. The assist pollinate melon vines and bushes, squash crops. Flowers that bloom from March through September are needed by bumblebees. Plant types of crops to attract bumblebees for your garden for a lot of months.


It’s possible for you to spot bumblebees in your garden and through the summer. Many species of bumblebees have advanced to pollinate a wide selection of crops and flowers and are indigenous to North America. Bumblebees are a vital component of the eco-system, since they perform an important role in pollinating crops that supply meals, including peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.

Early Spring

Bumblebees start to appear in your backyard typically throughout April and March. Plants that flower in these types of months will attract bumblebees for your lawn, that may encourage them to reunite through the entire season. Fruit trees including plum, pear, apple and cherry are. Lungwort bluebells willow and rosemary invite bumblebees for your lawn. California poppies lilacs and phacelia types might be your most useful choices since they’re one of the most extremely desirable crops to bumblebees.

Late Spring

As your springtime blooms start to fade, include the bumblebees returning to your own lawn to be kept by various crops. Wisteria, geraniums, honeysuckle, poppies, roses, salvia and foxglove all bloom throughout late spring and are each attractive to bumblebees. Herbs like chives, sage and thyme entice your lawn to be stopped in by bumblebees. Since they’re highly popular with bumblebees at the same time plant bush.


Plants that bloom through the summer help ensure the bumblebees you saw through the spring are here to keep for the extended haul. Viper’s bugloss is on the list of most desirable crops for bumblebees plus it blooms throughout August and July. Cosmos, delphinium, snapdragons, lavender, hollyhocks, sunflowers and corn-flowers are extra plants that bumblebees are interested in. Bumblebees are also invited by herbs like mint and catmint for your lawn. Vegetable and fruit crops may possibly also motivate bumblebees to remain in through the summer in your lawn. Melons, strawberries, pumpkins and zucchini attract bumblebees to your own garden.

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