Mismatched Homemade in Heaven

Mismatched Homemade in Heaven

In mismatching I believe. It is almost my motto.

Bedroom lays kind of give me the willies. I simply can’t stand anything which looks like it came right out of a catalog or, even worse yet, off the showroom floor. All that matchy-matchy material features a personal touch. And it generally has the personality of a earthworm (meaning blah).

I much prefer a space with a great deal of quirky personality, sort of a Maya Ruldoph of chambers. And it’s not so difficult to realize. You can create a room filled with ragtag patterns, colours and styles work; everything you will need is one unifying principle, something which brings everything together so the room does not look like a thrift shop.

Obviously, an eclectic space works well with this philosophy. But you might also have a more formal setting, even a Hollywood Regency thing happening. 12 beauties, Behold.

This room combines styles and eras — a Chesterfield sofa, a modern sofa, a shabby chic credenza — and brings it all together with this specific burnt-orange colour in the upholstery, artwork and cushions.

Jeanette Lunde

Bright white unifies this mess of dining seats, giving the set a modern Scandinavian farmhouse look.

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Burnham Design

This combines pattern and color. But it also mixes feeling, as I like to say, vibe. The ikat comes with an ethnic, boho thing going for it, while the cushions are more conventional. Mixing up it keeps the place from appearing too stained.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Oh, I just adore this. It is like cottage shabby chic with a variety of patterns and colours thrown out (check out that bright red wall). A neutral focal point (in this scenario, the white sofa) allows you to play around. What brings it all together is hot colors.

California Home + Design

What could I say? It simply works. Mostly because the exuberant pattern is kept to three locations, and the remainder has a really low profile.

Justina Blakeney

Color, pattern, era — it’s all a mishmash. And yet it’s all hot, welcoming and well put together.

California Home + Design

Big, wide-open architecture, a tasty footed sofa, a modern red seat, patterned curtains and a bold striped rug. The matching things in this area are those two white dining table lamps.

House + House Architects

I adore the appearance of carpeting. Provided that they’re the same standard weight, you are able to go mad. They give a space which lux, boho, exploring-Medina feel.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

It is all mixed up, but it sure is tasteful.

Chronicle Books

Two different florals with clashing pinks and red? Sure!

Lizette Marie Interior Design

The closest that comes to matching are the two lamps and the colour yellow. Otherwise, it’s an exuberant mashup of iconic (Andy Warhol) and private (the wall of snapshots) using a lot of citrus colours thrown in against an aqua backdrop. Amen.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Is not this lovely? Something about black partitions actually adds gravitas to a space. But the décor itself is a combination of cultural traditional, formal and modern. Plus, there is that tongue-in-cheek Union Jack cushion.

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