'Mad Men' Trend: Retro Metal Wall Sculptures

'Mad Men' Trend: Retro Metal Wall Sculptures

This season on Mad Men, a few glittery golden and brass items have been catching my eye, particularly the one that hangs over Don and Megan Draper’s mattress. Sculptural metallic pieces like these filled a gap between midcentury-modern style and also a more brutalist bravura modern aesthetic; back in the 1960s and 1970s they have been utilized in a wide variety of room styles. The most well-known sculptures were Curtis Jeré, or C. Jeré, sculptures. They have been produced by Artisan House and are definitely the most well-known pieces of the design. They includes flooring, wall and table sculptures in addition to lamps.

Who was Curtis Jeré? I had always imagined him as a man in his mid-50s with wild, wavy salt-and-pepper own hair, sideburns and a long mustache residing in some California canyon at a house that looked like this one. My vivid imagination was way off, as Curtis Jere didn’t exist. Artisan House was set in 1963 by copper jewelry designer Jerry Fels and his brother-in-law Curtis (Kurt) Freiler. They Brangelina-ed their titles together and came up with Curtis Jeré. They trained artisans to handcraft metal art pieces for the masses and likely never would have guessed back then just how much classic C. Jeré sculptures fetch now.

Though the abstract and nature-inspired pieces are the most sought after right now, the company created (and creates; Fels and Freiler sold Artisan House at 1972) sculptures in all kinds of shapes, including birds, bridges, hot air balloons, homes, bicycles, owls and boats. Their pieces and other metallic sculptures using a similar appearance are flourishing from the decor market now in addition to on vintage-looking sets like those of Mad Men.

On AMC’s show Mad Men, Don and Megan’s newly decorated midcentury-modern apartment includes a large metal sculpture over the headboard.


Here is the living room of Christian May, the interior designer supporting the website maison21. It was through maison21 that I first learned that Curtis Jeré was not one metal artisan but instead a whole group of those.

“I am a massive lover of C. Jeré/Artisan House pieces and love to use the kitschy pieces in my personal job,” says May. This foliage brings together a mixture of metals and may be hung any which way, a frequent quality among lots of the pieces.

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC

This classic C. Jeré elm tree sculpture is an apt alternative here; it gives the fireplace a presence that can hold its own next to the large painting on precisely the same wall. The sculpture adds texture and dimension and highlights the mantel’s horizontal lines.

Also, the comparison between the bravura style of the sculpture and the standard moldings on the fireplace is also an intriguing part of the design combination.

Jonathan Adler

Jere Raindrops Mirror – $1,800

I first heard about C. Jeré through Jonathan Adler on my favorite site of his book My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living. It is page 25, and it is titled”What would Mrs. Goldstein Do?” Apparently he first discovered C. Jeré through his amazing neighbor Mrs. Goldstein, also I really like the way he explains her house so much that I’m going to share the den area with you:

“The den had a George Nelson sleeper couch upholstered in a bright red, that was surrounded with African artwork, groovy C. Jeré wall sculptures, plus a Knoll java table behind a giant sculpture of a hippopotamus.” What a visual. Thanks, J.A.

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design

Whatever Mrs. Goldstein did, it created a lifelong impression. Jonathan Adler now has an exclusive partnership with the C. Jeré studio. The studio has reissued the very iconic midcentury layouts, which are available for sale through Jonathan Adler. The collection has a replica of the urchin sculpture.

The manner this designer has mounted that the sculpture adds a subtle framework and much more dimension to the wall.


The Rain Drops Sculpture can be available via Jonathan Adler. I’m surprised to see it at the glam and glittery residence of Tina Sindahl, who writes the blog Signed by Tina. She’s an expert in regards to working with metallic and mirrored finishes in her decor.

Interior designer Eilzabeth Hagins also has a fantastic eye for mixing metallic finishes. The classic C. Jeré on the wall plays the mirrored pieces.

For Folks design

This sculpture was a Craigslist find. While I’m unsure whether or not it’s C. Jeré, it surely has that same natural bravura look. I love how the designers at Domicile Interior Design have put a lamp on each side, lending symmetry to the asymmetrical piece.

See the rest of the home

Spanish designer Mikel Irastorza created his own wall sculpture by reworking a golden foliage –coated light fixture into this exceptional wall sculpture. See the rest of the home

What other Mad Men design moves are inspiring you this season? I’m also enjoying the way the walls of Joan’s flat are saturated in color. Let us know what you are digging — or that trends you hope have gone away forever — at the Opinions section.

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