How to Align Bifold Mirror Doors

How to Align Bifold Mirror Doors

Bifold doors are a alternative to cupboard doors which open to your room, sometimes banging into furniture or other doors. Doors that are mirrored have the extra advantages of the ability and a built-in floor-length mirror to decorate the space and make it seem larger. When the doors aren’t closing correctly, you are able to align them in the top and the bottom to make the edges meet evenly and help the doors.

Open the first door around halfway. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw holding the pivot mount set up.

Push roughly 1/4 inch, the pivot mount a brief space . Tighten the screw, and see if the door closes easier. If not, loosen the screw again and push it out toward the door jamb at 1/4 inch in the bracket location. Repeat with the next door.

In case the doors still do not meet 12, adjust the brackets. The weight of bifold doors that are mirrored rests on the mount move it to keep the door from popping from the trail. Use a hex wrench to loosen the nut on the ground, or twist .

Move the doorway pin one notch along the floor mount that is serrated. Move the pin if the door doesn’t meet its companion door. Move the trap out, if they fulfill soon while one of the doors is stretched. Move the trap one notch at a time before the door closes. Tighten the hex nut.

If the pin moves against the first door all the way into the border of the serrated brace adjust the pin of the next doorway. Move the trap one notch at a time before the door closes.

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