Guest Picks: Tools and Accessories for Inspired Spring Cleanup

Guest Picks: Tools and Accessories for Inspired Spring Cleanup

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your cleaning cupboard, in addition to the remainder of your property. Though I’ll probably never have one of those immaculate utility rooms that increases cleanup to an art, I don’t see why I can not indulge in a few special accoutrements that make spring cleaning seem a little more inspired. — Justine from Design Skool


Ultramarine Washing Blue – EUR 6.60

What is the opposite of yellow (the colour that your old whites turn to)? Blue. I am very excited about restoring the vivid to all of my favorites with this washing powder.

Shop Fog Linen

Cross Apron, Slate Gray – $64

I am most likely not going to wash out the bathroom in this lovely crisscross apron from Fog Linen, but it seems ideal for doing dishes.

West Elm

Cotton Ironing Board Cover – $19

In my perfect laundry space, I would have among West Elm’s new ironing board covers on my ironing board. They are enough to inspire me to save money on dry cleaning.

The New General Store

Storage Basket – $60

Your summer wash is begging for a natural woven basket to carry it out to your line. I adore the way mine always squeaks a little under the weight of wet clothes. And once dry, the folded laundry looks so fine inside, making it more than acceptable to delay actually putting the clothes away.

West Elm

Metal Mop Bucket, Big, White – $19

I own a home, I find that I need a large bucket for much more than simply mopping. I’ve already gone through a couple cheap plastic tubs, so now I think I’ll invest in one of West Elm’s generous mop buckets. This one is easy, white and durable.

Alder & Co..

Linen Loofah

Keep yourself clean with something that actually looks good lying around your tub: a natural linen loofah.


Clothesline Pulley Setup – $62

Each spring, so I can not wait to get my first load of laundry at stake. (I am not kidding!) I adore the way the clothes capture the sunlight and dappled shade, in addition to the crisp feel of line-dried clothes. This year, I am coveting a clothesline pulley, which will only improve the experience.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Extra Fine Steel Wool Pad – $7.95

Whenever I need steel wool, I must rummage around under the sink to locate my handy, however less than attractive, wad. But not anymore! With its soft charcoal hue, premium fine wool from Kaufmann Mercantile is indeed subtly textured and deserves a spot on the counter right next to my normal sponge.

West Elm

Metro Full-Size Canister Vacuum – $629.50

My brand new Miele has converted me but good vacuums. The back pain you save is well worth the purchase price. This one from West Elm might be the prettiest I’ve ever seen. If the price tag is too much, consider the hand-held version, which sells for the identical price as many plastic versions.

Alder & Co..

White Matches – $8

I really like the clean look of those white matches from Germany. (“Feuer” means “fire,” of course)


Cotton Voile Pillowcases – $58

Freshen up your bedding with some crisp and pretty florals by Kerry Cassill. Her breezy linens always appear to celebrate the carefree woman, while still paying homage to the sophisticated lady in all of us.


Murchison-Hume Everyday Furniture Spritzer – $9.95

Part of me does dream of having one of those Martha Stewart–esque laundry rooms in which everything is beautiful. I guess I could begin with these brand new ecofriendly cleansers from Williams-Sonoma.

OBJECTS of Usage

Dust Brush No. 4 – GBP 23.50

Feather dusters are enjoyable, however I also adore those German goat hair dust brushes, especially with their jaunty contrast dots.

The New General Store

Flour Sack Towels

Pristine flour sack materials are as crisp and fresh as spring itself. I always keep a pile on hand in the kitchen except once when my daughter steals them as “sheets” for her dollies.

Steven Alan

Le Feu de L’eu Jasmine Candle – $55

Subtly scented with jasmine, the water-sculpted candle from Le Feu de L’eau is like a breezy summer night.


Tri-Color Broom – $49.95

Maybe the crème de la crème of brushes, this elegant Italian broom is made from horsehair, which obviously attracts dust. Rubber bumpers also shield your furniture and walls.


Large Aluminum Dust Pan – $19.99

Still my favorite, this generous aluminum dust pan includes a rugged, industrial appeal.

Historical Industries

Dust Pan Brush – $25

I still have some classic natural fiber dust brooms in my grandmother. If they give out, I will order this lovely cleaning tool from Sweden.

Alder & Co..

Charcoal Sticks – $15

Deodorize a space, purify your own water or add nutrients to the ground — there are a number of uses for charcoal sticks.


Seasonal Pink Blossom Branches – $58

Insert some springtime branches to a stylish vase for your finishing touch to your new clean home.

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