Fall Decorating Ideas From a Designer to the Stars

Fall Decorating Ideas From a Designer to the Stars

Fall may be an awkward season to decorate for: The weather’s not fine enough to keep the paper lanterns out, but it’s too early to put up the Christmas lights. Instead of reaching into the grab bag at your crafts store, take this advice from designer to the stars Adam Hunter. Despite his glamorous customers, Hunter’s favorite fall decor concentrates on the natural beauty of this season (which just happens to be the most inexpensive route).

Thinking about how you can decorate your home for fall? Here are a few of Hunter’s best tips for adding seasonal heat to your home.

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Q. What are your top 5 fall decorating must-haves?


Heirloom pumpkins (maybe not jack-o’-lanterns). Mums at the exact same autumn color. Fall-themed dishes, pillows and throws. I change my decorative pillows and throws for every season, and change my regular dishes from summertime tones to fall ones. Fresh new candles and/or room sprays in hot, autumn scents. Branches from outside! This is an easy approach to facilitate a home from summer to fall.

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Q. What is some advice for men and women that want to consider outside the normal autumn decorating box?

Go all natural to your seasonal decor. Use autumn veggies to decorate your kitchen, like acorn squash and sweet potatoes in your favorite bowl. It’s fabulous and functional.

Q. What is your one big decorating “no” for autumn?

A. Fake! No fake pumpkins, flowers or branches. Just change them out with fresh ones as essential. Should you store right, they do not need to be that expensive.

Q. How can someone decorate a much more modern home for autumn?

Have a less-is-more attitude. 1 spectacular white pumpkin at a gray fireplace is magnificent. Think simple, easy, simple.

Q. What are a few easy, affordable autumn decorative items homeowners may use from now until December?

Take your cues from character; use your creativity and use what you have in your home in different ways. Have a walk in the woods and collect natural objects that capture your eye across the way: rocks, leaves, nuts and even older logs. Create small vignettes with everything you find. Get creative! Surround a candleholder with vines and fall leaves, rocks and berries. It looks fantastic, and you can not purchase it.

Get your decor from the grocery store! Pumpkins, which may last until well after Thanksgiving, are an inexpensive decorative fix. Consider stacking pumpkins big to small for a seasonal display with whimsy. Consider filling a bowl with bright red apples. Or put a bowl of nuts and lay a nutcracker on top.

Adam Hunter is an interior designer at Los Angeles and also a former Broadway actor. He is best known for designing houses for high-profile households and celebrities, in addition to commercial areas, such as the Kate Somerville Clinic at Los Angeles and several suites at Montage in Deer Valley.

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