Decorate with Intention: Create a Vision for Your Home

Decorate with Intention: Create a Vision for Your Home

If you crave a home that not only looks amazing, but feels personal and warm and perfectly youpersonally, it is time to start decorating with aim. In this new series, we will be exploring methods to tap into your unique personal style and decorate out of the center. This week, we are working on creating a vision for your home. Let’s begin!


Working on this step will help train your attention and provide you a place to gather all your thoughts. It may take you anywhere from a single weekend to several months, however the time set up at this point means fewer regrets in the future.


Bowl whitened with strings

Hunt inspiration.

Look through your favourite magazines, books, catalogs, websites and blogs for images that inspire you. Keep magazine tear sheets at a document and bookmark your finds online so that you can easily see them later.

If you find most of your inspiration on websites and blogs, you can use online tools to organize your own finds, like creating an ideabook on Houzz.

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An important suggestion: Be sure to note down exactly what it is you like about each image in addition to the origin. The same as the cool floor lamp or the paint colour? Write it all down! You do not need to realize at the wrong moment you lost the name of your favourite paint colour or the contact number of a shop that conveys your dream carpet.


Visually organize your thoughts.

In case you have lots of magazine clippings, you might want to try creating a inspiration board. Any cork or magnet board will do the job beautifully. You can also clip photographs to artwork wire or an easy length of twine strung between 2 hooks.

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If your collection includes thicker items like cloth swatches, you can create a design tray rather, or even hang larger items out of pins or hooks. The purpose is to get all your thoughts in one spot, where you can begin to make connections and soak on your inspiration.

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Search for patterns in what you adore.

Once you’ve gathered a sizable collection of inspiration images, sit right down and take a while to begin picking out similarities and themes in what speaks to you. For instance, my inspiration document almost always includes lots of images of available shelving in the kitchen and chalkboard paint. This is an important step, since it will allow you to hone in on what you really love.

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Edit, edit, edit!

Take one more look at these inspiration images and this time, be ruthlessly discerning. It’s really far superior to wind up with a small number of images that perfectly capture your personality as opposed to a bin full of so-so examples.

That said, no one image is likely to encompass whatever you need, and that is good. The unique way you mix things is exactly what sets your personal stamp on your home.


Make room for your passions.

Love to sew? Surf? Dance? Wherever your passion is different, make confident that it has a location in your home. This could mean carving a nook to write in peace, coordinating a hall closet to maintain your knitting projects, or just hanging inspiring artwork and photography that reflects the loves in your lifetime. Take a moment to jot down a couple of thoughts while they are fresh on your mind.

Take a trip down memory lane.

Think back to your own childhood home, and anyplace else you spent a fantastic deal of time. What about the distance itself do you recall most fondly? I adored a round table full of family photographs my grandmother kept in her entry hall; I always paused there to examine the older black and white photographs. Now I might take this idea and give it a new spin by putting loose photos in a bowl — my personality, but nevertheless honoring the memory.

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Focus on colour.

Look on your inspiration images, now paying special attention to colour. Are there certain colors or color pairings which appear often? Are you drawn to rooms with brightly colored walls or spaces where color is an accent?


Take a peek back.

Sometimes we are just too near our homes to ascertain what needs to be changed. While this occurs, I find it beneficial to take photographs of this space; it is a lot simpler to have an impartial eye when you are critiquing a photo in contrast to the room where you are sitting.

Dreamy Whites

Enjoy the Procedure.

That is decorating, it is supposed to be enjoyable! There is not any need to rush or look for complete perfection. In fact, as far as I am concerned, a house is never”done.” Experiment, make errors, dive into your inspiration documents when you want fresh thoughts, but also commit to enjoying and using your home as it’s right now.

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I would love to hear from you. Which magazines, books or blogs are inspiring you? Do you want to make mood boards on your wall in your home, or are you more of a digital planner? How do you do with this measure? What challenges are you currently facing?

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