5 Tips for Hanging Doors

5 Tips for Hanging Doors

Hanging a door may seem like an easy job but there are a few basic techniques that you need to learn so you can avoid any issues. It doesn’t take too much but then again, if you have never done this before it might seem like a huge challenge. Well, we are here to help you. In this post we are going to give you a few expert tricks to hang the door you want like a pro. These tips are all easy and simple enough to understand even if you don’t have any background in home improvement. Besides, there are all from experienced carpenters who have been hanging house repairs for years.

Shim Before the Door Goes In

Shimming is an important part of door installation. Before any door is hanged, the entire frame needs to be shimmed. So, how do you do this? Start by marking the location of the hinges on the drywall. This will help you know where the shims will go. Once the hinges are marked, place the shims at the top and the bottom hinges. Proceed and add a center shim to the frame and move to the next step.

Set Interior Jambs on Spacers

The door needs to be hanged in a way that ensures it will clear the carpeting. Trimming door bottoms, however, is not an option to achieve this. Instead, you can raise door jambs using scraps of trim. This will ensure the door is able to clear the carpeting in the room. Don’t set the jambs directly on the subfloor though.

Hide the Screws

Strength is important when you hang a door. You can make good use of hidden screws to achieve this. Start by pulling back the weatherstrip on the handyman services. On the latch side of the frame, there will be plenty of space to drive in the screws. This will ensure they add more support to the door and remain hidden.

Trim the Bottom to Level the Top

Leveling the door is essential for the installation. There are many techniques that can be used here but we will give you the simplest ones. Start by checking the level of the door opening. If there is some issue, shim until the level is realized. Some houses might have sloping floors and this could make your job harder.

Always Use Screws, Not Nails

Once everything is ready, it’s time to hang the door. However, it’s often advisable to use screws instead of nails. Although there is nothing wrong with using nails to put the door in place, there are a few benefits that you will get with the screws. To start with, the door hinges can easily hide the screws. This will add to the look of the door significantly. In addition to this, screws tend to be stronger and will hold the hinges in place for a long time.

Installing handyman at home is not hard and as you can see from the simple tips above, anyone can actually do this. Give it a try and see how it goes.

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