10 Ways to Fix Your Fireplace Up With a Screen Star

10 Ways to Fix Your Fireplace Up With a Screen Star

Sometimes I take a gander around my home and I notice a few humdrum element with fresh eyes. Now it was my boring fireplace screen. It is not even necessary for blocking sparks, as my fireplace is gas, but Miss Bubby (my cat) loves to crawl into the fireplace and then leave a path of saltwater all over the house.

This discovery led me at a “fireplace screen” search frenzy. Fireplace screens can match the kind of the space or diverge and also add a different style. Their colors, metallic finishes, outlines and designs have a lot to offer a room. Amazed at how designers are enhancing fireplace focal points together with carefully considered screens, I felt compelled to share. Here are 10 different approaches I discovered.

Alex Amend Photography

1. Add an unexpected touch to a fireplace. A sculptural screen paired with a modern painting over the mantel mixes new and old, transforming the look of this timeless fireplace.

Burnham Design

2. Use the attention to be drawn by lines. In a space that mixes straight and curved lines, crisp diagonals draw the attention into the fireplace focal point. The screen is also a good opportunity to add metallic accents into a room.

AMI Designs

3. Match metallics. Play off the same finishes or mix and match when you choose your fireplace screen. This display’s elegant scrolls play off the coordinating vases on the mantel in addition to the coffee table.

Tip: There is not any hard and fast rule for how to equilibrium metallic bits around a space. Keep playing with placements, taking a couple of steps back to observe how your arrangements sense. Keep tweaking them should they are feeling off.

4. Add flair and whimsy. This peacock screen adds a strong art deco accent.


5. Improve the grooviness quotient of your room. The colors are understated throughout this room, except where they are brought close with all the screen.

Jody Brettkelly

In an area full of lots of clean lines and a few nuclear age soul, a funky fireplace screen serves as functional art. This one’s nod to retro style fits right in with the carefully collected furnishings, including a Frank Gehry Wiggle Chair along with an atomic age EJ5 Corona Chair.

mark cutler

This screen is an assemblage that fits right into the collected look of the space.

6. Size it right. The three-paneled arrangement of this screen design is rather common, but this screen has been sized just to cover this particular fireplace. The designer calls this chamber “tailored elegance,” an apt title when this much attention has been paid to detail.

Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

7. Let a stunning surround be the star. If you’ve gone all out on a gorgeous surround, such as this mosaic tile, then don’t bring in a screen that’s a diva. Let a one that is plain mix into the firebox.

8. Match the style of your home. Wrought iron is a staple of Spanish colonial design. This screen complements the intricate ironwork of the stairs railing.

LLC, Melaragno Design Company

In the same way, art glass goes hand in hand with mission-style and Arts and Crafts fireplaces.

Michael Abraham Architecture

9. Elect. Constructed displays all but disappear when pulled open and operate well with contemporary and minimalist aesthetics.

10. Add a touch that is natural. Connect into the outside with your display’s layout; all manner of branches, bears, fish and nature-inspired motifs are available.

Oak Hill Iron

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