Hip Roof

Hip Roof

A hip roof slopes on all four sides. It can be pyramid-like and reach one peak, or possess a ridge between two of the slopes. Really sturdy in its structure, it requires less bracing than the roof, but at the cost of losing valuable loft space. A hip roof is a good choice in areas with strong winds and is simpler to attach gutters to, because the roofline stays on peak of the wall.

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

Hip roofs are very popular with bungalow-style homes.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Hip roofs are also commonly seen on the architectural design named American foursquare.

TEA2 Architects

Here is an example of a hip roof and a hip dormer.

Menter Byrne Architects

Among the downsides of a hip roof is that using all four sides incline inward leaves valuable loft space.

Menter Byrne Architects

The interior of the hip roof includes a vaulted ceiling made possible by metal girders.

McSpadden Custom Homes

Attaching gutters and downspouts to some hip roof is simpler than other roof styles with gables.

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