A Whole Different Animal

A Whole Different Animal

If you hear the term”farm animal” in interior design, you might associate it with a country motif or rustic style. Perhaps you think of a whimsical kid’s nursery or room. But these designers show us that you can borrow from a cow, horse, pig and any other manner of livestock without bringing in the whole barn.


Turn up the humor in a fresh and modern bathroom with a wall mural of a curious cow and a tub to coincide.

Sylvia Martin

Love a black-and-white and neutral colour? The cowhide look with this upholstered seat brings a part of rawness to the posh space without a hair appearing out of place.

Michael Abrams Limited

Horses represent power and provide off enthused energy. So try adding a large, bold sketch of a horse to a room that you would like to appear ferocious in. Less color in the art keeps it from taking over the room.

Fifth Element Homes

The kitchen or dining room is a great place to add a farm animal as a reminder of where our food comes from. You do not need to bring in a complete herd; a little piggie on a countertop is going to do. Pick one in white for a modern feel.

Lea Bassani Design

A playful light-up sheep turns out a contemporary space into a delightful treat. The scale and the cartoonish form of this art piece keep the mood light regardless of the seriousness of the surrounding elements.

Perched high in this contemporary expanse, this rooster crows contemporary style. The end keeps it acres.

Koch Architects, Inc.. Joanne Koch

A mama duck and her brood include an endearing, funny touch to this mid-century contemporary dining room. The natural end and iconic layout prevent an excessive amount of cutesiness.

2Scale Architects

A replica of a living thing brings warmth to a bathroom that might otherwise seem chilly, and adds character. If you’ve got the space, choose a large-scale piece. A light-toned end will help keep it from feeling too heavy for the room.

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